Saturday, April 14, 2007

Budget month with family

We’ve been saving our pennies for what is turning out to be a somewhat expensive trip to the Milblog Convention in DC. This budgeting added an interesting twist to this month considering my son was visiting for the first week and the mother-in-law was here for the week afterwards. Each day it was a trick finding some new low cost entertainment. For instance, last weekend we used up our Seaworld’s Here’s to the Heroes tribute, a free pass for any military member and 3 of his direct dependents, when it normally costs 56 bucks a ticket, that makes it quite a deal. Thanks Anheuser-Busch! I will never talk bad about your beer again! Heather's mom still had to pay but we got in for free.

As you can see by the pictures here, we had a great time.

The next morning I shipped off my son back to his mom loaded down with an extra suitcase full of gear. I came home and made my wife and her mom a breakfast of eggs, bacon, home fries and we spent the morning hanging out and watching movies. Easter dinner ended up being a nontraditional meal of ribs, corn on the cob and green beans at a bar-b-q the next block over.

Monday, I took them out for Vietnamese (20 bucks for all of us including tips) and Heather covered the next couple of days with a grand tour of San Diego, visiting one of the dog beaches (free), Balboa Hospital (free, Heather was born there), Cabrillo National Monument (we have a year pass), USS Midway (25 bucks for both of the) and in return her mom showed her the house she was conceived in and sponsored her food. On her last night in San Diego, she treated us to Studio Diner (a fifties place with great food).

Busy two weeks. Us being family loving people, having them come visit did us a world of good, hopefully they has as much fun as we did. Thanks for coming!

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