Friday, May 04, 2007

Cocktail Reception(s)

I could write entire blog post about what the wife and I did before reception today but that will have to come when I have more time. 30 or so of use, more milbloggers then you could shake a stick at went to a somewhat unscheduled pre-flight reception at a local watering hole called The Car Pool. Four beers later, I had to go search for some food to put in my stomach. At the cocktail reception, there was maybe a hundred people from the blogging work, USAA, PAO’s, Soldiers Angels, blog readers, spouses, my brain is on overload from meeting so many people, it’s going to take me days to digest. I finally have faces to attach to the names though. What a nice bunch of people, thanks Andi for putting this all together. I'd like to tell you about them all but I have to get some sleep tonight.

I received my Milbloggie and got a digital video camera as a gift from USAA (thanks!!) I probably sounded like a dork when I gave my acceptance speech, if you haven’t figured it out, I’m even dorkier in person. Hopefully be posting pictures tomorrow night of the events if my regular camera holds out. Imagine me, the camera nerd, having the shabbiest camera in the house (the new camera is just a video camera but don’t worry, I’ll be playing with that too tomorrow).

Here’s what the Milbloggie looks like.

And a picture of some of use the first night out, me, John of Arrgghh and some other nameless folk:)

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