Sunday, May 06, 2007

I'm on CNN!

It looks like they took my part of the interview and ran with it, you can watch the video here.

Other things we did today, woke up rather late (it has been a busy couple of days) and after a brief meeting some other milbloggers in the lobby. We checked out of the hotel and loaded our bags into the trunk of two fellow bloggers Beth and Wintermellonsoup who are bloggers who just moved to DC from the Midwest, I’ve been blogging buddies with Beth since 2003 and they offered top pick us up and take us to the cheaper hotel.

Instead we went out to lunch, then hopped on the metro and took a tour of the Natural History Museum (if you haven’t been there it’s huge and one of my favorite places in the world), after that we went back to the car and got slightly lost and did a detour of the beautiful Potomac river northeast of DC. Finally found a way to turn around and visited the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and then after a lot of circular driving saw the Thomas Jefferson Memorial (for a huge white building that can be seen from most of DC is sure hard to get to) .

After that we drove to our lower priced hotel with free WiFi and gave Beth and WMS a copy of the pictures taken throughout the day. Thanks! You guys were the awesomest!

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