Wednesday, May 02, 2007

DC Take One

Now I know why Southwest is the cheapest airline, not that the service bad but I’ve grown used to having entertainment on long cross country flights. Nope, a little cup of coffee and a box of dried snack food, one bathroom in the front and one in the back. There is a reason why they’re still making money while charging such a low rate. Other then the lack of TV (I was reading anyways) the flight was short and uneventful. After all of my round the world flights, 3 and a half hours to Chicago was literally nothing.

Arriving there I got a message from Nikki Schwab from Washington Post confirming my appearance for an online discussion at 11 a.m tomorrow May 3rd, check it out if you’re not busy.

While at Chicago, we had to try a Chicago style hotdog and I believe they do have something going there. Worth every cent of the 3.99 that my wife paid for it!

After a layover of 2 and a half hours then another hour and a half flight, we landed in DC at Ronald Reagan National Airport. My first impression of the place? I got a spooky vibe. It’s decorated with a mixture of caveman aesthetics and X-files creepiness. So after waiting for our bags at the turnstiles that didn’t had broken screens, we went in search of the USO which had this nice flyers laying all around, might as well check it out while we’re here. The search took us to a very long empty deserted hallway on the second floor that curved around the bend. Heather was asking, you sure this is the place, she was sounding a bit shaky. I tell you, it was spooky. No friendly signs pointing the way, so we just kept walking, sort of like that scene out of Shining doors stretching out forever, not a soul in sight. Finally we saw a little door that said USO and a small office with some couches, TV, one computer and snacks. Whew, I was worried that we had been transported to the Twilight Zone.

Behind the desk was a volunteer named Sarah who was a beacon in the dank dark airport, she was very friendly and nice. I think that was the smallest USO I’ve seen in my entire time in the military. Would have thought this being the capitol, there would have been a huge shiny sort of place with wireless internet and all sorts of goodies for thrifty individuals such as myself. We chatted for a bit, I picked up some maps, gave a donation and made our way to the hotel we are staying at in Alexandria.

A quick bite to eat and we’re bushed, it’s time for bed.

PS, the bride took me out to see Gwen Stefani last weekend and I took two videos. On the first video (7:42), Gwen makes eye contact with me, waves and blows me a kiss. My wife didn't believe me till I showed her the footage. I told her she has nothing to worry about, Gwen, while cute, doesn't stand a chance.

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