Monday, May 07, 2007

People at the Milblog Conference and what they're saying

This is my continually updating list of people I remember meeting and a list of who’s talking about the Milblog Conference, many of the do a far superior job of telling it then I could have. It’s hard to take notes from the middle of a tornado but I’m picking up pieces all over the place. So far, it sounds good. I’ve also taken over 3 gigs of pictures and videos; they’ll be making appearances over the next few days.
Here's the list

Thanks Andi for putting it all together, here's her post

My other mom Carla does an excellent post

Dadmanly reminds us all of what we actually said, oh yeah, I did say that, great job!

American Soldier was there with his lovely bride and daughter, it's strange to think I've been talking to him for 3 years, good peeps, I don't know how I forgot him on this list.

Matt of Blackfive (I'm not worthy!) ran my panel and is one cool cat, he'll do good anywhere

Meeting Cat was great, she's always been a good friend.

Lorie Byrd of took some excellent notes through out the day, if you've missed out on the action, she can probably fill you in here.

Dog Snot of Incoherent Ramblings was there and does a good round up

Air Force Sister rounded everything up, another one of my buddies from cyberland (I seem to have a few of them)

Lex was one of the smartest guys in the house and folk flocked to him, the fighter pilot stories always draw a crowd. Good seeing him again.

And can't forget LL of Chromed Curses who has some excellent dirt on everything, you're the bomb!

My wife liked hanging out with CaliValleyGirl

Met the Half of the Spear and The Fast Squirrel at the Car Pool, milbloggers are quality drinking buddies from the get go.

Kathi my wonderful supporter from Soldiers Angels posts about it

Fuzzilicious has a couple of posts up, I'll be seeing you soon!

Lt Smash has not blogged about it but I just wanted to let you know, thanks for the ride and good luck with everything.

It was great seeing the lovely Tammi again

Talked and drank with Noah from the Wired Magizine's Danger Room who seemed to fit in well.

RSM of course has a few posts up, finally meeting him was was icing on the cake, he's a medical guy like me.

AntiMedia was there and has a couple of posts up, as usual good work and great meeting you.

Nikki Schwab wrote about it at

Check out the Donovan's of Arrrggghh!! He offered up some laughs though the day.

Milblogs has the video from the Pentagon Channel

John Noonan from OpFor blogged live, what a great guy

My secret buddy Army Girl showed and posted about it.

Holly Aho is a huge name in the Soldiers Angels circles, it was an honor meeting her and the lovely daughter. She has a couple of posts up too.

Hook is as cool in person as he is in cyberspace

Chuck of TC Override hasn't done a big post but here's part of one of his speeches (taken with the camera I was awarded for the milbloggie!)

Murdoc is does a great post about the conference

So does Slab from OpFor

AWTM looks as cute as she writes

Pundit Review covers many of the bases

Bill of INDC was an indepented blogger that made multiple trips to Iraq and has some posts up

Hey look, The Weekly Standard talks about us

I got to meet Princess Cat from A Swift Kick and a Band-Aid, here's her post

Homefront Six does an amazing roundup

It's nice adding a face to Sarah from Trying to Grok

Got to meet Eagle6 who also does a better quality post then I

Finally got to meet Consul-At-Arms, we've been blogger buddies since he started, he's almost like blogging family, meeting him was as natural as crossing the road.

Have you read JR Salzman? You should, he got his right arm and 2 fingers from his left hand blown off by an IED and blogged about it two days later, his lovely wife Josie blogs too. Meeting him was my highlight of the day, amazing people. The copy of the Blog of War below was blown up in Iraq with him.

There are probably people I missed but I am way to tired tonight to worry about it, more later, thank you everyone who helped support this trip out here!

PS a big thank you to Excalibur,, USAA, specially Patti from Soldier's Angels and MinimusBiz!

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