Saturday, September 20, 2008

Panel #3 Live DoD Bloggers Roundtable

Hosted by Jack Holt from the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Ward Carroll of and John Dovovan of Castle Argghhh with special guest, the Honorable Pete Geren, Secretary of the U.S. Army. Secretary Geren just stated that as far as the internet, he’s roadkill.
A constant theme this year panel after panel is the upper leadership of the military services are starting to notice how important the new media has become, there’s a growing demographic of people who don’t read print media anymore, they get their news online or from the source. A disaster happens and the first thing they do is find a local blogger. Secretary Geren mentioned the downfall of Dan Rather, Mr. Rather might not have known what a blogger was but he does now.
I know I’m one of those people that don’t go to the top 3 news sources first, I usually go to Google News. When hurricanes hit, I find a local blogger who’s covering it and send some traffic his way. I also cover the mainstream media but blogs bring the big story down to one person straight from the source.

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