Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vegas isn't a place to send bloggers

because we write about everything.
The USO Girls tell a good tale but they left a few parts out. Lt Nixon was as cool in person as he was onlin, Blackfive threw a bash and here's his words, next time, I'll bring my blackhawk bag. Not only did he hook us up with an open bar at the Penthouse Club but he also talked his way into staying at the penthouse at the Mirage, thanks Penthouse Magizine for the support. The rest of us wished we were as cool they were, no wonder they are blogging Rock Stars. There were some things that shouldn't have seen the light of day, CJ also blogged about the closing ceremony where there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Marcus live blogged throughout the day. Concrete Bob was a new face but not a new name for me. Hooah Wife was great to hang with and she blogs about the people on the floor of Blogworld and here's her take on our Milblog Geeks Bash. LTG William Caldwell addressed Military Bloggers, video here. Terri does an excellent wrap up and thanks the Penthouse Club for letting us invade. AWTM's brother is a luddite and thought the free thumbdrive we got from Penthouse was something else, heh heh. Go check her out, she did a great job covering the entire show and I agree, having a blogging conference in a place with 5 plugs isn't going to work that well. Wendy say's I'm the best "EVAH!" and SK says I'm her hero, these two are some of the nicest sweetest girls I know (hah!), you ladies had a wild time and she writes about me patching her up. San Diego Union Tribune even did a story about how a husband can be replace but not a child. I met Bouhamner early and these are all of his posts on the conference. Toby Nunn was driving down The Road to Hell and did some Recapping and talks about eating lunch with the Army PR guys. CJ tells of Friday night and says he can't wait to show my interview and he has lots of pictures, CJ is really a good man, he's put up a donation fund for my buddy Bane who's family might be in some dire needs for money from medical bills from his passing. Holly from Soldiers Angels was there and Matt Bernard from the VA has a great breakdown post up. Froggy hasn't said anything but he was in the shadows. Who could miss Chuck and Carren of TC Override? FbL does a couple posts and is Homefront 6 getting into the blackmailing racket? She might have the best coverage out there, hah, I finally figured out how to use tags:) Ack, I'll need to continue this tomorrow after I've found some food.

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