Friday, September 19, 2008

What goes on in Vegas gets blogged about

Thursday started out with a phone call from Sherri asking for a ride from the airport, her roommate LL had missed her flight and she was homeless and needed a hero come and pick her up. I rolled out of bed and grabbed a quick shower. She and I spent the rest of the day meeting people, moving them back and forth the by the store to buy a fridge full of recreational drinks.

LL finally landed and we all met up at their suite and I ran home to take a powernap and change my threads. That night we went out with the Blackfive crew, B5, Laughing Wolf, Mr Wolf, Jimbo and Gregg (Zonker). Here’s a few pictures. AG and SM, check.

I'm off to go pick up the lovely bride, see ya in a few.

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