Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A long weekend and what to do?

We’ve made it back to San Diego safe and sound and I have a four day weekend coming up and not too many plans other then a get together to with some friends to consume a prime rib I got for Christmas and a turkey left over from a gift certificate.

So I’m looking about the internet for cheap things to do in the area. We’ve spent our wad and other then cleaning, San Diego is too nice of a place to waste days off doing nothing.

Hmm, San Diego blog pointed me out to this excellent review. Heh, it’s too cold out to do that! Why did he put that out in December? That’s definitely a springtime story not that I would ever be caught doing that kind of stuff.

I’ve been known for my surf photography and the waves are going to be huge the next few days.

Wally tells of eight San Diego places to avoid, hmm, I've been to all but one of them. He does have a good list of Extreme Activites that include such cool things as Kayaking the La Jolla Caves, riding those Balloons I see over Del Mar every time I drive home from work or hang gliding over the naked folk by Blacks Beach. Some nice stuff over at Local Wally's.

I'm sure we'll figure out something, of course we could just vegg, it has been pretty busy around here and we do need to get ready for the honeymoon next months. Honeymoon you say? Where am I going? Alas, I can not speak of it at this time, but I will try to keep posting when we get there. Operational security and all of that jazz.

Happy New Years everyone!

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