Monday, December 12, 2005

My confession

Confessions of a Military Recruiter did a post where he's talking about enlisting recruits with law violations, on this note, I have my own confession to make.

When I originally enlisted in '91, I had one of those law violations, namely, Trespass on Town Property, my best buddy and I and his 11 year old little brother snuck into the community pool in the middle of the night. His little brother didn’t even want to go but we dragged him along anyway. Next thing we knew we were in the town slammer with my irate mom taking charge of us and a court date in a couple of months. When the date arrived, the judge said to my buddy “do you have anything to say?” And he said “no Sir”, I came up and he asked me the same thing and I replied, “Sir, we’re both going into the Navy in a few weeks and if we get charged with this, it will affect our entire life for basically pool hopping. In a couple of weeks we could both be gone and you will never have to see us again.” So he dropped all charges and said if he ever saw us again, he was going to throw the book at us. Meanwhile the little brother went to Juvenile court and was found guilty of trespass and had to do a hundred hours of community service. Poor kid, I still feel a bit of guilt about that but it is ironic.

Don't forget, fast feet and a quick tongue can get you out of most things. Keep your head on your shoulders.

Oh yeah, I think that was my idea.

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