Sunday, December 11, 2005

Tagged... Five Weird Habits

Some Soldier’s Mom has tagged me... and I'm supposed to describe Five Weird habits I have... I have many more then five of them but these are the ones that are popping up right now.

1. I’m like a boy scout when it comes to my suburban, it’s always prepared for anything, if the end of the world is about to happen, I’m the person to be with (in my big old suburban). I’m usually carrying around enough tools to make a small car from scratch, rebuild a computer or set up my own battlefield hospital.

2. I curl up into a ball when I sleep, my wife says I also hum songs and talk, I don’t know about that but have been known to snore.

3. I read way too much, I’ve sat in one spot reading for 24 hours before, I’ve got a life recently and have been hanging out with my wife so my reading has gone to hell. I feel like Thurgood on the last line of Half Baked.

4. Multitasking when I drive, I get bored driving, I like using those glass wipes to clean while I‘m in motion, I want to talk to people on the phone, I like NPR and Audio books to keep my mind occupied, I wish I could read and drive at the same time but would probably cause me to die in a fiery crash, I used to be a fast driver but driving a really slow suburban has cured that from me.

5. I get compulsively addicted to things, the real reason I stayed away from TV for so many years is I don’t want to get attached to shows, stick with reading I say, it's easy to keep a book in your pocket. I’ve had the problem lately of my wife introducing me to these awesome shows in sly ways (you know? Slipping them underneath my defenses.) Hooking my like a fat fish, this week it’s the Showtime’s Dead Like Me. Sigh! Enjoying the show though:)

I’m not going to press this forward but it is a good tag.

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