Monday, December 05, 2005

So what's up with blogger tonight?

My blog has been my main launch page for a while but something seems to be wrong with blogger this evening. So I'm just chilling here with the beautiful lady and putting up the Christmas tree and lights to outside of the house and chilling I am, it's 41 degees out! What's up with that? I thought I was in San Diego, not the arctic. It's not my fault that some of you guys live in places where it Snows! I've been spending so much time over the last few years in hot desert temperatures, I'm used to the heat. I feel for the guys that come back from Iraq into the snow and ice of the north.

Hey blogger is up again but my love has just turned on The Triangle, yes Michael I am now rotting my brain out but it's looking pretty good so far:) For a non TV watcher I seem to be watching a lot of TV lately. It must be that TV drought I've forced on myself for the last half decade, making up for a little bit of lost time.

Back to the show...

Oh if you need to repent online, there is now igod, check him out.

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