Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Canned entry that I couldn't upload from my memory stick

Well this blows, my product key for my Microsoft Office Suite expired just now, so I'm typing this on Microsoft Works. Right when I pull into Kuwait, figures! Doesn't it seem like I was just out here? I might be the first guy from my old unit to have made it back. I've been assigned to a different unit, right up the hill from the last place I was at. Haven't actually got out there yet though. Arrived in Kuwait an hour ago just in the deadline for getting the month of January tax free, now just hope they count when we land and not when we go through the check in process (0130). If they do, there's going to be a plane load of happy Marines and Sailors.

The plane ride was 19 hours, we stopped off at Germany to refuel and change over crews but weren't allowed off due to some heavy traffic the airport was having (anyway it was cold and sleety outside). The first flight crew dressed up some male Marines in Wigs and makeup and stuffed shirts to serve the first meal, of course took pictures and they'll appear on my fotopage once I get a faster internet connection. The entire aircraft was decorated red, white and blue, balloons, streamers and messages of support taped to every bulkhead. American Airlines definitely does a great job of supporting the troops. The crew was the friendliest crew that I've ever had the pleasure to fly with (but deluxe class on EVA Air had better seats) Staff NCO's and officers got to take first and business class. The rest of us packed into general population, I've been doing too much of this flying month!

At least this flight out here didn't feel as unreal as my last one out. I didn't know what to expect last time, we were just going to war, didn't know where I was going or what our mission what going to end up being like. Today's flight was just another plane flight to new mission with a new squadron. It's a new squadron but I don't feel quite like I'm stepping into the unknown.
Kuwait is pretty much the same, sandy, dusty. Lots of big tents, the port-a-johns are cleaner and there's a few more shops on base, a pizza place and a nice USO. More computers at the free internet cafe but the speeds are real slow. Chow hall is still the same but the base personal seem a bit more user friendly. Waiting for word on, my stick (people that are on the same flight out of here) are waiting on word when the next flight out of here is going to be, till then just passing my time and trying not to get the Kuwaiti crud that I got last time.

Miss you Tragic, using a picture of you standing next to the pillar at the Balboa Park as a book mark and while reading, I pull it out and just look at you. Who would have thought it would come this far? Don't worry, I'll keep my head down and you know that you're always on my mind. Remember the hard part is over, we've found each other. Now we have to hang on a little bit till we can see each other again. Stay safe and don't forget me!

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