Sunday, February 20, 2005

Damn snoring roommates

I woke up the other night to a horrible sawing sound, it kicked me out of sleep like a falling dream. I looked around into the darkness, what in the hell was that? It dawned on me that it was my new roommate snoring! My first plan was to ignore it and try going back to sleep. I spent the next half hour trying tossing and turning, put ear plugs in my ears, pillow over my head but to no avail. Time for plan B. Beside my rack (I'm on the top rack), I had a box of shampoo samples that had came in someone's care package. Silently I moved my hand into the box and pulled one out and leaned back a little bit and chucked it with all my might at his body, it made a loud wapping sound as it hit.... Nothing. I did this till my supply of ran out (8 or so), it didn't even cause a break in his evil rhythm. Probably because I aimed at his body which was covered with a sleeping bag (if I poked him in the eye, I would have had to take care of him, first rule of medicine is do no harm and I was in no mood to sew someone up at 3 in the morning). I stared into the blackness some more and thought, mmm, no don't want to damage my books, no I like that pen, bottle of water is too heavy, no not the fan. Ahhh, what about my super bright LED head light? So I crawled to the front of my rack till I was leaning over his head and bam, almost like a blow, the light hit his eyes, I was also blinded with it's briliance too.

Know what?

He stopped snoring and almost woke up.

I slid quietly back to my pillow with a chuckle to myself and into the blissful sound of silence once more. I was asleep in seconds.

The next morning, he woke with a puzzled expression on his face. He couldn't figure out where all the shampoo packets had came from. I told him about it later (and about this).

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