Tuesday, February 22, 2005

morning circus

There was a conspiracy going on this morning, I was off yesterday because I had duty the night before. Guess the word was passed that we're back to Flacks and Kevlar's starting at 0600, just wasn't passed to me. So I wake up, do my normal morning stuff and head out to the bus stop. I'm sitting there waiting when a high ranking officer sneaks up besides me and yells in my ear,

"Where's your Flack and Kevlar?!"


"The word was passed to everyone on base!"

"Yes sir, I'll go get it"

Grumble, grumble. I had talked to the duty minutes before and not a word was spoken about it as I walked out minus the armor. So I walked back to my room to put the gear on, bitch at the duty on the way out and then headed back to the bus stop to sit for another 20 minutes till the next bus came along. While sitting there, saw the same guy come out and yell at two other people for the same reason which made me feel a little superior because I was now wearing the stuff. At least someone out there cares (or had nothing better to do that morning). The next bus comes and I hop on, it goes through most of the route till right before the road I need to go to and turns down a side street. The drivers a local and he pulls into the bus barn, fly's out of the bus, slamming the door and runs into the building. Not a word to me, I'm mildly worried. So open my book (I always have a book in my pocket) and start reading. After sitting there for a few minutes, started thinking about going in and asking what in the hell is going on when an Army motor transport person comes out and tells me that I was on the last run of this bus and I had to get on another bus.

Argh, okay, I get on that bus and it goes through the entire route again before coming to my stop. What is normally a 15 minute bus ride ended up taking an hour and a half. Sigh!

Other then that, SSDD, working on my waking/sleeping routine, missing my future bride and just passing the days. On hindsight, this mornings circus was sort of humorous if you weren't me, well even I laughed after a while but then again I laugh at most things after a while. At least I had a book.

Shows me for having a day off.

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