Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Kuwait take two

Made it in before midnight on the 31st! Which means I'm tax free for the month of January, I had a nice canned blog post on my memory stick but can't install it on this computer. Just wanted to say a big thank you to our flight crew from American Airlines, the inside of the cabin was decorated red, white and blue and they were very friendly and supportive of the troops(even though my Delux seat on EVA air was more comfortable). Gotta go take care!

later the same night......

Night life of a military camp in the middle east, 3 AM and theres 30 people in line waiting to get on the phone, people that can't sleep or making their calls on a loved ones schedule back home. The BX would make a mint if they were open 24/7, middle of the night, folk are wide awake with nothing to do but get online or call home. At the base I'm at in Kuwait, it's a holding tank for people going in and out of Iraq. We're dropped off here waiting for the plane ride to our next destanation. So there's quite a few people who's only job is waiting. It does give you a chance to catch your breath before heading out. Doesn't it seem like I was just here?

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