Thursday, January 27, 2005

An answer to a question

CelticCross put this question in my direction on her blog

"I am struggling to understand the mounting conflicts that are going on between the USA (or, would Christians be more like it?) and the Muslim world. What are we trying to accomplish, exactly? CAN we accomplish our objective? What do THEY want (besides all non-muslims' to be dead)? Will this ever end?"

Kill off all the cranky people? Just kidding (sorta)

It has to do with perceptions and how people perceive each other. Just because someone looks different, acts different, or doesn't believe the same things as you, doesn't give you the right to attack or kill them. It's a downward spiral, one person kills another and it escalates from there. The way to make peace is to change the way that people think. I agree with you, going to war to correct a wrong isn't the best way to do something unless you have everything planned out including the resolution. Which is an impossible pipe dream, theoretically it can be done but you can't measure in the human factors involved. Specially in a culture we're working with in the middle east, where it's considered good to give up your life for a cause and if someone pisses you off you kill him and his family as an example, what kind of people do these things to each other? They make everything personal and yet the bad guys seem to have no value for human life. As I've said before, it would be bad to pull out, there are people there that want peace. If we leave, they'll be slaughtered, like the people we left in Vietnam, there must be a reason there are one and a half million boat people over here. I'm a peaceful fun loving guy and don't think war is the answer to anything but bringing everybody home at this stage would cause much harm.

I'm not going to get on the subject of the budget, that scares me! It's huge and I don't see any answers coming out about it.

There are not right answers, just how we perceive what we're doing. There are many wrong ones which we won't know about till later. Are we on the right track? It's a mystery.

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