Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Big media lies!

and so did all of my friends and family that I talked to or emailed while in Thailand! All I heard while on vacation was how horrible it was back here in the states. Stories like it's raining/sleeting/snowing/flooding/house washed away/ect. I think it was a conspiracy to make me feel guilty while I was having a good time overseas. I get back and it's 80 degrees and not a cloud in sight! Like I'm going believe you all next time you preach doom in my direction, unless comes out of Doombunny's mouth, it's not going to work!

Anyhow, back to current life. Checked into my new command in San Diego, everybody so far has been friendly, no snags and will be heading forward sometime in the near future. I miss the guys from my old unit but I'm glad to be back on the active duty side.

Hanging out with Tragic and seeing everything down here that I haven't. Life is good.

PS I to everyone that asked, I'm fine, haven't been washed away by huge waves or caught the bird flu.

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