Saturday, January 01, 2005

So far on my trip to Thailand

We took off out of LAX at 11PM on the 30th and next thing I knew it was the 1st in Taipei! Totally missed New Years Eve partying! First New Years Eve where I time traveled past the day! I'm a dork! Thought I was gaining time. My seatmate for the first leg of the flight is going to visit family in Taipei, we've been waking up at the same time complaining to each other about food or drink service. How come they're not bringing more water, beer, juice? I ordered a Bloody Mary a while ago and it was almost undrinkablely strong! I drank it anyway and got a buzz for a few minutes, it's nice being a total lightweight.

Arrived in Bangkok on the 1st and checked into the lovely Royal River Hotel. Immediately took a shower and went shopping. Thailand is a crazy place, roads are better then many I've seen in the states, it's a cross between cutting edge 21st century and a third world country. There's shacks next to high rises, still haven't seen any homeless but there are a few beggers, mostly disabled.

Feeling pretty good, no jet lag so far. Think I'm getting used to this frequent puddle hopping! Now just need to find myself a constant travel companion, now where oh where could she be?

After spending the afternoon grazing through the malls with the family, we came back to the hotel and I went out to dinner with a fellow blogger, Sailom. First dinner in Bangkok and what did I have? Sushi! Nice place, great food and we all drank iced green tea. His wife and another couple were also there. Mostly talked politics and about the tsunami. As I've said before blogging has definitely shrunk the world. Thanks the conservation and taking me out! My mom wants to take you guys out when we pass back through town. I'll call with the info.

Dinner was stag without my parents (they crashed) and made it home by ten where I passed out too.

Tomorrow I'm off to a nameless beach resort (nowhere near Phuket) for a couple of days, will tell you the name after I leave the place (OPSEC!)

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