Tuesday, January 04, 2005

hanging out at the beach

I'm at that unknown beach town now, staying at a hotel on the beach (yes I'm watching to make sure the water level doesn't drop suddenly and made sure to get on the second floor).

Things I did of interest today other then eating my way across the town.

1. went up to this sacred mountain where they have monkeys that eat out of your hand. There's venders up there that sell you little baskets of fruit, bananas, green beans and little red things that look like tomato's. Bought a basket for 10 baht (about a quarter) and proceeded to hand out the food to the monkeys and while taking pictures. Was going well till one of them tried taking the basket. At this time I found out that they don't like cameras and they're stingy bastards. I, being the human that I am pulled the basket back and was greeted with a mouthful of teeth and a slap across the face by a monkey that jumped me! Now I know where monkey fear comes from.

2. Walked 5 or so miles down a beach taking pictures all by my lonesome talking to people here and there and not understanding a word they were saying. Spent 3 hours not even talking to anybody in English. Nice.

3. Was walking back from an internet cafe where I did a brief amount of editing to my last post and saw these red lights going slowly across the sky in the distance. They were the color of flame and I started hearing booms! These lights looked like nothing I had ever seen before; they didn't blink like plane lights and dropped bits of themselves off as they moved across the sky. I was looking around expecting everybody to be looking at the sky and pointing. People glanced in that direction every now and no one looked to be panicking, so I kept walking then realized what they were. They were balloons that were held in the air by burning candles. Sheesh, glad I didn't run in circles screaming "WE'RE BEING INVADED! HEAD FOR THE HILLS" Also during this time I had lost my family (probably due to me walking off for 3 hours). While looking for them down the beach (and watching the light show) I found them looking for me. After a long day it was high time for a beer on the beach so we had beer, odd food and I bought a couple of those balloon thingies and set them off. Yes I'm going to try bringing a few home and no, if you're a friend of mine in Arizona, I'm not bringing you one. They look like quite a fire hazard, only to be launched from the beach out to sea. I don't want to be the one responsible for causing the fire of the century in Prescott.

Take care everyone!

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