Saturday, January 22, 2005

Scrabble and future plans

Tragic is teaching the nephews and nieces to play scrabble, so this gives me a few minutes to blog. She's a hit, never doubted it for a second. I'm slowly washing and packing all of my military gear, glad I left most of it packed when I loaded up.

My first week at work went eerily smooth, nice bunch of folk (yes they know about the blog). I have a departure date which I'm not going to share but it's soon. One day you'll come by and catch me blogging from the middle of a war zone. As far as sending me care packages, don't worry about it, I'm only going for a month and a half and believe me I'm fine. There many more people out there that could use your support. If you feel like giving, check out the military support sites on the sidebar. I'm have a great set of gear and I'm easy with the trip.

Future plans? We're going out to dinner with Belly tomorrow, she's out of the naval reserve. Look forward to seeing her and her boyfriend. Beyond that? Interesting stuff:) Have some good news that I'll play close to my chest till it comes through.

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