Monday, January 10, 2005

Big Mountain, another Thailand post

Khao Yai (which translates into Big Mountain according to my mom) National Park is located on the Panom Dograk mountain range. We spent two days in one of the rental cabins that are for rent, two nights for 2400 baht, which is comes out to be a little over 60 dollars. This got us a 2 bedroom cabin with 2 showers and 4 single beds. Pretty basic but a better deal then you could get in the states.

Made one trip down to a local town during our time there shopping and the rest of the time hiking and sightseeing (taking pictures, be posting soon). Saw more monkeys, porcupines, several species of deer, many birds and a few elephants. Nice little side trip.

First night we went out on a wildlife spotlighting safari, took a few pictures but the quality wasn't that good because most of the animals were too far away and I was using a 300mm zoom lens in the dark. Second night we were wore out from hiking so opted to stay at the cabin. Saw more wildlife doing that then spotlighting and the pictures turned out better.

Packed up the next morning to head out to my mom's house in northern Thailand and our van wouldn't start! Had to push start it, reminded me of my chevette in high school. 6 hours later, we're here, safe and sound. Some scary driving on these back roads. If you're ever in the northern part of Thailand, be careful the roads get bumpy and the driving crazier. I think I'll just take a nap, I've been through some scary experiences flying helicopters but still think I'm going to die driving. More interesting stuff to do tomorrow, stay tuned.

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