Sunday, February 13, 2005

Valentine's Day away from loved ones

My first Valentine's day away from Tragic, sorry hun. Duty calls, believe me, I'd rather be home with you. Soon! I miss you! One of the sad things about being in the military is how many holidays we spend away from our loved ones which is never any fun. Wish everyone out there a Happy Valentine's day.

My co-padre and I are switching days on who's staying the night at work. Just till he gets on the plane for home in a few weeks. Then I'll be solo for a while. Glad I'm not flying CASEVAC this time around, not because it's dangerous but because it's freezing out there! I'm wearing all of my warm weather stuff on the ground and still cold. I'd be a doc-sickle at a hundred and fifty miles an hour hanging out a big open window. Burr!

So far most of my job has been paper shuffling and submitting reports, no new injuries, just sniffles. A few mortars hit a couple of days ago but it was off base, we heard a couple of dull thumps. I didn't even look outside, it's always the curious guy that looses an eye.

Da Goddess and LCdr Smash and their Protest Warrior's did a nice thank you gig to the armed forces outside of my home base of MCAS Mira Mar, sorry I wasn't able to do a flyby guys. Maybe when I'm back in the rear. Thank you for your support!

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