Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Cold wind, Warm heart, SMH=HMS

It's dried out only to be replaced by freezing wind, glad I'm not in a fox hole. I was going to go visit the guys down at HMM 774, the replacement for my old unit today but it's to cold and windy. I'll just huddle here in my office and drink coffee. It's actually warm in here. Looking forward to the warm beaches of San Diego again and hanging out with Tragic. She's the only thing that's making this little trip seem long (it's not).

If you have gone through your whole life searching for that missing piece to your puzzle and never finding it, what should you do when it suddenly appears? I've found mine. No clothes have ever fit me this good, no taste has been sweeter in my mouth, you light my day and I bask in your radiance. I thought someone like you couldn't exist and now you're in my life, the search is done. Thank you for existing and being you.

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