Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Went to see the USS Midway on Friday with lovely Fuzzybear Lioness, she’s one of the voices behind Project Valour IT, first time for all of us. Very cool!

Fairly mild new years eve, no great planning went into it, just gathered a bunch of food and invited the Smash’s, one of my coworkers, old buddy Frank, Lynne and TJ over for dinner. If I was thinking correctly I would have taken the picture with the food and the people (what kind of photographer am I? I only took one picture). Guess the Turkey and Prime Rib passed muster, the guy from work ate 3 plates of food (which was no problem, had enough food to feed 20 people). Much talk and fellowship, would have been a larger get together but many of my work friends are on vacation and Da Goddess has some sort of bird flu (Get Better!). Thanks for coming over everyone!

How did we spend the first day of the new year? My wife and I laid out on the couch and watched half a season of Dead Like Me. My horribly sexy wife has hooked me on this one too. What am I to do when we finish this season? Oh yeah, go on vacation!

Happy New Year faithful readers and my wife just whispered in my ear that she loves me very much. How can life get any better?

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