Sunday, January 29, 2006

Odd things that happened on our trip

Heather and I were walking down a street in Bangkok and a bus was passing us slowly, this guy was leaning over a girl checking out my wife when she covered his eyes.

In Ubon, we were walking down another street next to a stoplight and the light changed, this group of a dozen or so people on mopeds were all checking out my wife and none of them noticed the change till they were half way through the intersection and had to walk their mopeds back. Close call!

When we went to that floating doc to eat (the one with the guy with boobs), this kid started running around pointing at us screaming “FALUNK, FALUNK!!!!” (Foreigner)

In Prachuap there’s this stairway that goes up to this temple of a mountain over looking the ocean, last time I went there was 20 years ago, the mountain was known for having monkeys. We went there this time and there where hundreds, no kidding. They were mean and aggressive, being manly men, Albert (my step dad) and I decided to give them all of the left over food (or food we didn’t like) in the van. As soon as we stopped, they jumped on top of the van, screaming and jumping up and down. We got out gave them the food and bought some bananas from this old lady with a big stick. I was throwing them out as fast as I could and had just ran out when one of the monkeys jumped on my back and put his hands (gently!) over my eyes for a sec then jumped down. I knew then they were too much for us and it was time to leave. So we left. Very crazy, 20 years ago, they were respectful of humans. Now, just a pack of wild monkeys that aren’t afraid of anything.

There were some other odd things but I’ll let the wife cover those once she gets around to writing.

My sister moved into her new condo this weekend, she went to the Uhaul place to get the medium sized truck but all they had was the huge one so she got that thinking it was too big. We ended up filling the entire thing up to the top. Ouch, I’m sore. I told her she should have moved 2 weeks ago so I could say, “sorry, wish I was around to help”, sigh!

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