Monday, January 09, 2006

Mom's visit.

My mom came to stay for a couple of days before our trip to the Far East. After a week of prepping the house before her arrival, it received a passing grade; she doesn’t think her son is a slob anymore (or any less). She’s been retired for a couple of months following the sale of the restaurant and has devoted her time to her hobby of real estate. She’s been buying property in Northern Arizona, setting up the utilities, dropping a manufactured home in, landscaping, putting in sprinklers, drip systems and selling them.

Her morning entertainment? She’s been heading down to the creek bed and filling up her truck with at least a ton of gravel by hand and filling in pot holes in the neighborhood or making drive ways. Needless to say, in respects to most people, my mom is wack. She’s 56 and can still dish out a hundred pushups (more then me).

Over the last two days we’ve shampooed all of the carpets in the house, washed and vacuumed all the cars and cleaned all of the windows. She’s great! I don’t think my house has ever been this clean.

Most important thing to happen this weekend? I impressed her with my cooking, I made crepes stuffed with fried potatoes, bacon, onions, salsa and topped with pepper jack cheese.

I love my mom and it’s great when she visits, we have a strange cleaning/slave labor relationship, all of our quality time is spent working and talking. She’s an odd person to get a handle on, if you can work side by side with her, you have friend for life. Hard work makes her happy and her cleaning my house makes me happy!

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