Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Google searches and milblogging slackness

Sorry about the total lack of milblogging goodness, most of the serious issues in my military life right now aren’t things I would post about on the blog. Patient privacy, issues with people I work with or things they work on (not issues I have with anybody or things that I’ve done but things going where I’m at and dealing with other peoples lives, a nice way to have a blog shut down is post such things on the internet) and the regular boring drudge work.

I have purchased my plane tickets to the Milblog Conference in May and have reserved my hotel room, now just have to gather up the money for paying for that room, its slow going when you’re as far down the food chain as I am. Thanks to all of the people who hit the donation button on the right hand side, it’s made the drain on my wallet much more manageable!

Every once in a while I do a post searches people use on Google to get here and my latest count?

I’m number 6 for I hate my ex wife (I really don’t!), I get hit with that 5 or 6 times a day lately, the last guy viewed my page 5 times and spent 9 minutes and 53 seconds looking around. Hopefully he found some good advice to follow about not hating his ex.

Number 17 for Rosemarie Siggins, I blogged about her appearance in a TLC show that kept me up late one night. Sorry Rosemarie, no disrespect was intended by the post. Every time that episode airs I get 20 or so hits in a day. The people on TLC who keep me up lately are the primordial dwarfs, they sort of remind me of the Gelflings off of the Dark Crystal, if they make a live action remake of the movie. It would be great to give these guys the parts. (don’t get mad at me little people, I just think it will be cool)

I’m glad I’m not in the top twenty for Gigantiform cementoma or face eating tumor anymore, a lot of info has been put on the internet since then, spooky stuff, I feel for you people that are affected by this.

Still the number one for navy corpsman Iraq, yay, even though I’m just another body in the crowd of thousands of other corpsman. I have a decidedly non-heroic roll most of the time (swinging with the wing) but have had my share of saving lives and likely to have more in the future. There just aren’t many corpsman bloggers out there who are writing regularly nor have had a blog as long as I have.

11 for tall dogs tales and 17 for Del Mar dog beaches, reasonable, it is one of my favorite places.

I don’t know what I think about being number 9 for used packrat tool boxes or 41 for Costco tool boxes, I don’t even own a Costco box (but I do have a Snap On one from a prior life).

PTSD questions, number 3, sorry guys, I can’t give you all of the answers but I can point you down the right path.

Heh, number 12 for Irish Job, look under my Saint Patrick’s day entry for this year.

I like this one, number 41 for the drudgery of filing.

For some reason, I’m number 2 for navy blog, why aren’t Lex, Smash or Salamander in that list? They have more readers then my little blog does.

I have been watching the news and I do have thoughts on what's going on, I'm worried about the British Sailors and think that might explode into something bigger. What's going on in congress is something I'm interested in but I'm not making judgment, I just go where I'm told and do the best job that I'm able to. There are enough voices out there yelling for or against, I have readers from both sides who support me so I'll stick with my flipfloppish nature and read about both sides.

Hopefully soon, I'll have something of interest to post about other then house cleaning, dog beaches and cooking adventures, until then:)

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