Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I’m a geek

If you guys haven’t realized it by now, tonight put that name in stone. I went to my first Science Fiction and Fantasy dinner and swap meet with a group of 30 or so SciFi readers. I brought a box of books out of my stock of 1500 or so books and left with a box of new books that I haven’t read, how cool is that? It was strange being in a group of people where you can mention a few words out of a plot line and everyone around you knows what you’re talking about.

Until I met my lovely wife, most of my life was spent in a SciFi vacuum, a person here or there who I could talk and trade books with but never in groups. Then my wife showed up and introduced me to such things as Firefly and Dead like Me. Her dads also a SciFi geek too, I joke with her that she married her dad, her family’s great, we’re planning on a group outing to the Comic Con this summer. I wish she could have made it tonight, she would have fit right in with the room full of kindred spirits but she was down for the count with the flu that seems to be going around, poor girl.

The only hitch of the night was when I went to pick up my glass of ice tea and the bottom of the glass fell out onto my dinner and lap so I spent the rest of the night looking like I peed my pants, for those of you that thought I peed my pants, no it was just tea. If a glasses bottom is ready to fall out, without fail, I’ll be holding it in the middle of a conversation. This is the second time a glass has self destructed just by my holding it in a public place. I’m just lucky that way I guess.

I look forward to the next meet up, I’ll bring more then one box too, thanks for the good time!

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