Monday, March 26, 2007

My son is coming for spring break

So we’ve been getting the house ready so he doesn’t go home saying that his dad is a slob (I can be but not lately, my wife does a great job at keeping the place up). It also seems to be the time for spring cleaning. We moved into the new place in November and have just got around to unpacking everything. It’s not that we’ve been extremely busy or any such excuses, just hasn’t been a rush, no roommates or parties pressing on us.

Well all of that not rushing added up so in the back corners of the house, all of these piles of books, letters, clothes were packing up. So a week ago, we decided to take the place apart and start discovering all of the mysteries that we had hidden from ourselves. Tonight, the task was done, carpets have been vacuumed and shampooed. Every single book in the house is in the proper place and not a single crumb or doggie toy out of place (the toys are on his bed). To give you an idea about how many books I really do have, I’ve included some pictures, it’s not all of them, I still have a book shelf full of cook books, another of trade paperbacks and another full of coffee table type books but you get the idea. Yes, it’s a sickness.

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