Monday, March 05, 2007

Plane tickets and such

There’s a commercial break in Heroes so I’m taking a breather from watching the tube to blog. I was able to purchased the tickets to DC last week which was 519 dollars, don’t worry, using the money wisely! Now saving up for the hotel stay and I’ll put the extra 126 towards that.

Not much else going on, the lovely bride comes home tomorrow from her week long trip, the house is fairly clean and the hamsters are still hamstering. Even though, last night I was in the kitchen and looked down and there was Snickers looking up at me all wide eyed. Eep! I had forgot to close her cage when I fed her. She hopped in my hand and I put her away. That could have been really bad! (pictures of the two of them can be found here)

Most of the weekendI spent the weekend touching base with old friends from back home, responding to emails and leaving crazy comments on Myspace. I miss my wife but when she’s here, I’m focused on her and I do let my blogging and my other internet duties go to the sidelines.

By the way, tonight’s episode of Heroes is excellent, if you’re not watching the show, you’re missing out. Have a great week!

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