Saturday, March 17, 2007

An ode to my ex wife and son…

Saint Patrick’s day holds a special day in my heart, you see my son was conceived today 14 years ago while I was on a weekend trip to Arizona visit my friends for a Saint Patrick’s day party and hook up with who is now my ex-wife. Back when I was younger, a 370 mile drive on a two day weekend wasn’t that big of a deal and bonus, I was going to be hooking up finally with this mystery girl who had been popping in and out of my life for years. Little did we know, that night would affect the rest of our lives forever.

Back when we were both still in high school, I had kissed her one night in the street outside of her house and jokingly told her we would make cute kids because she had a long straight nose and mine was all squished in (our son did turn out very cute). Then a couple days later, I broke it off and I went off to prom with another girl named Heather (no not my new wife and sorry Lisa, that was very assholish of me) and we didn’t see each other for years then we would hit off meeting in some parking lot or at the store or camp. She was like a bolt from the blue, just showing up where I was at.

Someone wanted us to hook up or else we wouldn’t have kept running into each other like that, I knew she wasn’t stalking me and believe me, I wasn’t stalking her either. Then that Saint Patrick’s weekend came about and a couple weeks later I get a phone call where she tells me, I think I’m pregnant and my prophesy came true, we had a cute kid.

She was pregnant and we were young and decided get married without even really knowing each other. The first four years at El Toro were great, we had cool friends and it was like a honeymoon then I picked out orders to China Lake without asking her (dumb) and that was the turning point where all of the loose ties that bound our marriage together unraveled.

We both did a bunch of dumb things, said hateful words and our divorce was so rough that I got out of the navy and ran away to Phoenix to do something totally different with my life. Advice for all of you people getting divorces out there? Think before you spew out the hate that’s inside of you, venting out all of that garbage might make you feel better for a minute but when you want to hang out with your child on some special day and your ex says no way, you’ll regret ever saying it. All it does is escalate the tension, the only thing that really worked on our bitterness is moving on and time. I’m glad it’s over, having the taste of anger and hate in my mouth made me crazy.

These days, I couldn’t be happier with my ex, she’s a great mom, she’s remarried since to someone who suits her better and has another child. Collin gets along great with his step dad and thinking back now, it’s been years since we’ve had an argument.

I wonder where our lives would be at now Lisa, if we had never met that one weekend?

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