Thursday, March 22, 2007

I lead a dual life (and probably have multiple personalites)

While I have many more blog readers here at Doc in the Box, most of my friends from pre blog times have accounts over at myspace and last weekend while suffering the from a very mild hangover I changed around my top 8 and put all of the important ones up there. The people who made a difference in my life and shaped me as I was growing up, and with along with putting them into the top 8, I did a brief write up on each of them. Sorry about the lack of regular blogging, there has been some interesting stuff going on at work that has been taking up a lot of my time and I’m not suppose to write about it. No, I’m not in trouble nor is anyone hurt but the rules about the subject are fairly direct.

Here’s the write up on them all.

A few words on my top 8, the number one is of course my lovely bride and her having the top spot in my wife is a given, since she is the world to me. Number 2 though 7 are the people who shaped my life, they made me the goofball that you know and love, this is probably the only place you'll see them in one place but who could or would put them all together but me? I'm the glue that the world is made of. One of them helped spark this idea and as we did giggled for most of a day, you know who your are, thanks!

The Number 2 (not in the bathroom sense) is Larry, lifelong partner in crime, ex-roommate and wife to Jen, ex husband of my number 6 and co-father of number 17 (who is my other son). Contrary to popular belief, we have never dated any of the same girls (and it's likely we never slept with any of the same ones either). Over the last decade, other then my wife, I’ve spent more time hanging out with him, he's saved my life more then any dozen Marines and he deserves the number two spot for being with me through everything, no matter how high, low or sideways. We’re there brother.

My Number 3 is Jason, who gets the spot for being my oldest friend in life. He's the first person I met when I moved to Prescott Valley in 6th grade, our first words on the bus were, "can I sit here?", "Sure", "this is my first day", "me too!". And from then till the end of high school we were like a pair of dice in a gamblers hand, always hanging out and shaking things up. He just appeared out of the blue (and on the internet) after a long absence, he’s also the number one ex-husband of number 4. Jason was my best friend years before I know anyone else except for Justin. He holds in his head more embarrassing stories then anyone on this list (I was a geek and as a good wine, I improved with age). Glad you’re there man.

Number 4 who has almost always had the same song as me playing in her head. I’ve been friends longer with Justin but Justin isn’t a myspace person and doesn’t leave cool comments so he has been moved down to number 5, plus in my twisted sense of humor which is known for its dark patterns, I've placed her between her two ex-husbands which is seriously tasteless but tremendously funny. When we talk, the patterns in our head synchronize and we can visualize what the other is thinking. It can be spooky, in another life we probably were raging lovers but in this one, I’m glad we’re just good buddies. Oh the diabolical ideas!

Number 5 is Justin with whom I went into the Navy with in 1991 on the buddy system. We went in to get back at two separate girls named Shannon (not the smartest thing we've ever done but it didn't turn out too bad). We followed the same set of girls for a while and I’m glad we’re over that. Out of all of my friends, he and I went though the most together in the early 90’s and he’s my brother from another mother. He’s also the ex husband to number 4, glad we’re talking again buddy and we need to have some lobsters and beer when you come down.
Number 6 is Dana, for whom out of all of my friends, I have fought with the most. I have also written her the most and if you like my writing, thank her, she was my first pen pals and thinking about the thought process of writing letters to her has affected the writing of the rest of my life. Recently, I we’ve moved out of the arguing stage for which I am eternally thankful for, sorry about the rough times and thanks for being my non-romantic muse of poetic writing.

My number 7 is Paul with whom I hold to blame for every off colored remark or twisted joke I have ever made. In his black soul rests a multitude of pranks. When he was a regular in my life, if I had a wickedly crazy idea, he had the same one first and that’s saying a lot, well except for the throwing of camel spiders, that was all Jason’s fault. We’ve had our ups and downs, shared a worship of a girl named Heather (not my wife) but neither of us got the prize in the end. I’m glad I didn’t because after marrying my wife, I realized that while that Heather was way hot and cool but she wasn’t the right Heather for me and I couldn't have made her happy. Whatever, it’s great having you back.

Number 8 is Dan (and Kathy), I remember hanging out with Dan in prehistory, I turn around and there is Dan with Kathy on his arm or him on her arm. I’ve had deep conservations with both of them and I look forward to our future ones. They’re there because they’re good people and have been friends to all of us and I could imagine any of us hanging out with them.

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