Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I’m the Award Winner of the 2006 Milbloggies for the Navy!

Thanks for your votes! If you’re wondering what a milbloggie is, here’s what Milblogging.com says about it:

“The Milbloggies Award recognizes military blogger for their contribution to blogging, news and information, and to the military over the last year”.

It was somewhat of a surprise that I won this year, as far as blogging goes, the past year was a slow one. I wasn’t doing the daily grind and posted a fraction of the pictures that I did in 2004. It might be that the big dogs of Navy Milblog world (Smash, Lex and the Salamander) did not send their rather large readership to the voting booths (thanks guys!) Check them out, they're all great reads (and have good taste in beer too).

Since my transfer to San Diego, I’ve kept a lower profile, not a single appearance in a news story or television interview to add to my resume. I would post when I felt like it or when some story would call out to me that I would share with my readers. I did get published in a book (two pages of The Blog of War) and had my third 7 month adventure in Iraq where I blogged about such mundane things as building bookshelves and the pulling of small pranks on my Marines. I spent more time communicating with my wife then anything else, what good is a blog if you let your home life fall apart?

Loneliness makes for a great muse and a reader can feel the yearning the reaches out though an authors writing but it’s been a couple of years since I’ve experienced that particular feeling in any force. I missed home but do you know how much better it makes you feel when you know absolutely that there is someone out there for you?

This past year was focused on the human aspects of being in the military at a close personal level, no great war stories or battles. I leave that to the guys who have actually fought them and who will carry the ghosts from those experiences for the rest of their lives.

Thank you everyone for the votes, this is the first thing I’ve actually won though my blogging and it sounds like it’s now time to go to Disneyland (oh I mean back to studying:)

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