Sunday, February 25, 2007

What people think of me

Back in the day, I used to be a crazy rock climber and cliff diver, known by my friends for some of my free climbs on normally protected routes and my willingness to jump off of anything into water. Not because I lacked fear but I was addicted to challenging it. Believe me, I know I wasn't an amazing rock climber and knew climbers and cliff divers who did stuff which I thought was crazy and spectacular. I just appeared that way to people who lived a sedate life.

But this week, I’ve had 3 different people send me this picture saying they saw that and thought of me. Well it’s nice to know people are thinking of me at least.

Oh yes, I grew up in Northern Arizona, myself and buddy Larry made it a point to jump to rocks such as this. Most of those days are in the past, I'm older, slower and 50 pounds heavier (not quite fat though). Hopefully one day I’ll take it up again, at least I make a good splash cliff diving now.

Thanks everyone for your Navy milbloggies vote, I'm in the lead and there's only two days left of voting and also thanks for the donations, 350 dollars!

I won't be around much the next two days because I'm trying to study for my advancement exam on Thursday, hopefully I get it. Take care!

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