Monday, February 12, 2007


Tonight I was tasked by my lovely wife to stop by the store and buy her some “products”. When I shop, I tend to shop in a holistic manner, meaning I wander around and looking at everything and saying to my self "oh, I need that".

Today, I just happened to meander by the magazine rack and saw that FHM was publishing their last issue. Woah, considering it was one of the top read magazines in Iraq, they probably have millions of military dollars, for them to shut down is quite an event. Of course I had to have a look and when I opened it up, the first page I looked at had this guy's picture in the “Who The Hell Are You” section
I know this guy, he had a talent for timing his movements perfect to the second when the photographer was pressing the button, this guy was quick and smooth and his funny looking mug adorned many a photo of mine.

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