Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sorry about the patchy blogging

One of our squadrons just went through a Command Generals inspection, the only problem is, the corpsman assigned to that squadron transferred last month and his replacement had not arrived yet. So on Tuesday last week, we get a phone call saying that this command was going to be inspected on Monday. Oh no and we're all short handed right now.

What does the Navy stand for? Never again volunteer yourself, well I volunteered myself and spent the next few days working till 8 or 9 every night, going through records, calling people to come in and fill out forms, turn in records, giving shots, chewing people out who’ve had their records sitting in their car for months and getting all sorts of things spilled on the them. One record even had mold growing on the cover and smelled like someone had soaked it in a bottle of cologne (this Marine was there for two hours filling out forms that I wanted to recreate due to the unsavory nature and the numerous shots he was "missing" due to the ink being bleached out and him not turning his record in for almost 2 years) . Sheesh, a month of not having a corpsman and the records fall apart, when I started there were 46 records were checked out or just not there and by the time of the inspection, that number was down to 6 (I’m going to get those last 6!)

My brain is still fried, Monday came along and the inspector came and he found a surprisingly few discrepancies, almost all of them were of the minor sort that could be fixed with a few strokes of a pen. One guy had two different blood types in his record but that was the only “hard” hit and we just had him get his blood type redone.

Considering that we had 6 days of notice, we passed with flying colors, a bunch of new record jackets, the readiness was up, new coversheets printed out and filled in. This is normally a job that takes a month of combing though records making sure all of the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed and involves lots of stress, for some reason, I wasn’t stressed out at all, perhaps because it wasn’t my squadron and it was time for a good challange. A good squadron corpsman who keeps up on his records and keeps a tab on all of his special programs usually doesn’t have a problem. But let your hand off of the reins for a while and everything goes to hell. I didn’t do all of the work but a rather large chunk of it, thanks Ryan, HM1 and Chris for the help. Whew, I’m glad it’s over so I can get back to my own records which have suffered for most of this week.

My first class test is going on in two weeks and I plan on studying rather heavily except for when I take breaks to blog or hide away from studying. Thanks everyone who has donated money, expect post cards from DC and regular blogging updates throughout the trip:)

PS Happy Valentines Day!

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