Tuesday, August 17, 2004

another night in the desert

I woke up after dreaming of a mission I flew last week, not the mission itself, it was just another standby, ya know, flying to another base and sitting for a long time. I didn't mention that we must have seen a falling star every five minutes. Come to find out there was a meteor shower that night. Meteor showers are different things when viewed though NVG's. Through the NVG's you can see 10 times the stars that you can with the naked eye making meteors unbelievably bright, it was pretty cool, glad I was there for it.

Feeling much better today even though it took a couple cups of coffee to wake up. I slept for 14 hours, which might have been over doing it, oh well. Every time I woke up, I willed myself back to sleep. Nothing like a good sleep to improve your out look on life. Still haven't really started packing but I've sent most of my bulky items home so theoretically I should be able to fit all of my crap in two sea bags, I'm leaving all of the cooking stuff I bought out here for our replacement crew. I don't see where I'm going to be using the 220 volt cook ware back in the rear. I do wish my laundry would show up and the power plug for my 160 gig external hard drive, sigh.

Will find out tomorrow weather I'm leaving sooner or later, fingers crossed!


The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide by Douglas Adams

This is a series I've read over and over since I was 12, it's just like falling back onto a familiar stomping grounds. The cadence of the words is remarkably like John Irving's. Which wasn't something I had ever compared till today, John definitely has more depth in his characters but Douglas's are more polished? Two totally different fields yet they both tell the story of lost souls with humor and humanity.

The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guild contained 6 books, the entire misnamed trilogy,
The Hitchhiker's Guild to the Galaxy,
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe,
Life, The Universe and Everything,
So Long and Thanks for all the Fish ,
Mostly Harmless,
It also includes a short story of Zaphod that doesn't make any sense but that's okay, I don't think it was ment to.

The main character, Arthur Dent, gets snatched off of the Earth by a friend and researcher to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Ford Perfect. Ford has been bumming around the neighborhood for the last 15 years acting like an out of work actor. Over the next couple of chapters the rest of band falls into place consisting of Marvin, a robot with one of greatest intellects in the universe who's enormous depression has infected and taken down civilizations, Zaphod Beeblebrox, the two headed ex president of the galaxy who doesn't have a clue, Trillian, the ex earth babe news anchor and Zaphod's girlfriend, that is smarter then the air head she acts like.

Their adventures will lead them to the ends of time and space, saving existence a time or two in the process. Don't expect this to have anything to do with reality, when you read this series reality needs to be checked in at the door. This is a joyous look at life and all the craziness that could happen. There is humor in every word of the series and the main characters don't even like each other. Weather separately and together, the improbable and the impossible are bound to happen to this bunch. The underlying theme to the series is that everything happens for a reason and there is a higher being that does have a hand in everything. He or she is probably laughing their ass off most of the time. Personally I can't recommend these books enough, they're classics in any sense of the word.

Douglas died in May of 2001 at the age of 49, I remembered hearing it on NPR on the way to work and the wave of sadness that came over me. It still bums me out to think that someone that made so many people laugh had to die at such a young age. I hope he's in a better place.

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