Thursday, August 12, 2004

Butterfly flaps its wings

When I arrived out here I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of laundry service, after seeing pictures of people washing their clothes in 5 gallon buckets. Each unit had different days assigned to turning in their laundry. You would bring your laundry bag over to a central location at the unit, the S4 (logistics) people, pick it up and take it to the laundry mat and the next morning it comes back, nicely folded and socks matched. I don't even do that at home. If need a bag done on an off day, just bring it down in person. I only had to do it once, went down and turned in a bag. The people were friendly, cheery and quick. I hung out for a while and talked, seemed like a good bunch of people. They were Turkish sub contractors that had won the bid through KBR, just ordinary people that were doing a job. They took pride in what they were doing and made the best of it.

A while back, I can't give you the exact dates because our internet is down but that's not important. Here's the story, insurgents in another part of Iraq captured and tortured some Turkish contractors, warning everybody from Turkey leave the country or else. Soon afterwards our happy bunch of laundry people quit the laundry mat and KBR had to bring in people from the states.

Suddenly our laundry was messy, sometimes still wet or we would get back bags that were unwashed, one week we got back all of our laundry unwashed, not sure what was up with that. Today a load of laundry came back and there were bags missing. I had turned in two bags, one had my sheets and a few tee, socks and underwear. I got that bag back but the other bag with a set of cammies, flight suit and the rest of my tee shirts, socks and underwear didn't show up. So I'm stuck with what's on my back till it shows up. Well I'm almost out of here so it's not that bad but it still sucks. On the bright side at least my bags won't be that heavy.

I did get a bit pissed off and wanted rant and rave, but I didn't and I didn't smoke. So that's good. Other then my laundry turning up on the MIA list not much else is happing to me personally, some other units are seeing quite a bit of action but you'll have to check out the news to see that, I'm not going to tell the stories third hand. I'm looking forward to going home.

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