Saturday, August 14, 2004


Nothing of interest has happened today. Went over to the laundry mat to file a claim on my missing bag, said they'd get back with me in two days. Hitched a ride back to the barracks and dropped off my gear then went to the internet cafe to post a few pictures on the fotopage. Returned to the barracks and headed out to the courtyard to read and discovered that reading sucks out there if you're not smoking. Blah. Headed inside and and crashed out, woke up around 5, took a shower and back into work. Chow was ground mystery meat patties, broccoli and rice, blah too. The excess energy from quitting smoking has apparently slipped away and I'm in that dangerous stage in the battle where I'm crabby and snappish. At least I'm writing it down this time to remind myself that I don't want to go through this all again. It would all go better on the world if I were in a nice little cave or bunker all by my self today because I'm sure to step on a few toes. So excuse me for the lack of a quality post tonight while I search for a spot of sand to stick my head in.

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