Monday, August 16, 2004

Day off and I'm doing constructive stuff, sleeping

Went over twentyfive thousand on my counter today, not in the ball park of the big guns like Hook or Smash, but I'm glad that the blog didn't run away like ...turningtables... did, his comments section turned into a political battleground and finally he got fed up and shut it down. I've had a few rude people but nothing near the forum that he had. I'm just a regular guy out here doing my job that happens to have a blog. I'm glad that there's quite a few mil bloggers to choose from this time around, the OIF II generation is holding it's own, CB's posts are amazing and there's actually been some support from the command elements for some of the blogs but there are others that were shut down early. Just a quick post while I'm over here at the internet cafe, I usually write my posts on my laptop but slept most of today (we have a day off!!) Anyhow I'm heading back to the barracks to get some more sleep. Take care.

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