Tuesday, August 24, 2004

better then sex

Before I do my post on the rest of my trip, I've been doing what I enjoy most in the whole wide world, more then good food, more then sex! Shopping for hi tech gadgets! I've spent the last 6 months dreaming and looking at new gear. The chains have been undone.

So far I have gone through Costco and Best Buy and about 700 dollars. If you are going to Iraq, I have a few more suggestions with prices.

First, the biggest way to save money on a trip to Iraq is to have a quality battery charger, Costco has a great deal on a Panasonic charger that comes with 6 AA and 2 AAA's for 19.99 that works at voltages from 100-240 (in non nerd terms, you need no converter to use it anywhere in the world). The other thing that's good about rechargeable batteries is that they last 3 times as long as regular batteries in electronic gear. So it's a good buy even if you don't go to Iraq.

Second is a memory stick, I also found at Costco a 512 Mb Memory stick that uses USB 2.0 for 64 bucks, a 256 was 39, lots of data for a low cost.

If you do have a laptop, check to see if it is USB 2.0 or not, USB 2.0 is 40 times faster then USB 1.2 so it does come in handy, if your laptop doesn't have 2.0 then buy a 2.0 Card that you plug in the side of your computer, they run around 30 bucks.

Don't forget a led head light (10.99 at Costco), on 3 AAA batteries mine would last 4-6 per night for 2 weeks at least before starting to go dim, compared to regular bulb that would go dead in 1 or 2 nights of heavy use, take the plunge.

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