Thursday, August 26, 2004

Last leg home

The Next leg of the flight was pretty non eventful. The average load on a 747, movies and food that was actually good, the flight crew of United Airlines did an excellent job of taking care of us except they didn't have beer, sigh. Landed in Germany while they changed crews, I wandered around the airport for a while and answered some emails at the internet cafe. Taking off, the captain introduced himself as Scott something or other and half of the Marines automatically sang "Scotty doesn't know!" from the movie Eurotrip, probably the most watched movie by the military in Iraq. The rest of the flight, slept some and watched A Date with Todd Hamilton and Calendar Girls. Captured the Marines reactions when we landed in Mira Mar and took pictures the crowds that welcomed all the other Marines home. I'll post those as soon as my DSL gets back on line, this weekend hopefully. Some of the family members of my Marines were waiting in San Diego for their Marines so we hung out with them and they brought us our first beer back in the states, thanks!

All the families and Marines stationed there left and we waited on the taxiway for 2 hours for the C-130 that was to take us to Edwards, an hour and a half flight. We loaded up all of our gear and were air born. Slept some more on the flight and with anther cheer we were there.

The rest of the families and some local press were waiting there, found out the next day that they ran a front page story on my fotopage. Cool. Glad to be home.

Other news I found a nicer, larger apartment, should have all of my services hooked up this weekend. Plan on taking a road trip to my family reunion next weekend to Arizona. Currently just relaxing and enjoying being here. Take care everyone.

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