Friday, August 06, 2004

the best Milblogger out here.

If you are curious about what's really happening in Mosul, you need to check out MY WAR - Fear And Loathing In Iraq , CB is the man on the ground and doesn't beat around the bush. I am in Awe of this guy's writing. He's telling the true story of what's happening on the ground and going more into the story then I would ever dream of. He deserves your attention, check him out.

PS This is a new site that I've found and think I'm going to be a regular at The Questing Cat which is one of the first group milblogs I've seen, the story that caught my interest though is when he writes about a visit to one of his friends in the hospital, it hits pretty close to home for me. Thanks for the leading me to the water Beth.

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