Sunday, August 08, 2004

Old habits die hard

I would like to say that I'm doing something interesting with my life out here but I will have to say nothing of interest is happening unlike some of the other bloggers out here. ordering supplies for our replacements, gathering up records and just hanging out. My partners in crime our here have lately taken to calling me names because I've become a quitter. Yes I'm now an ex-smoker and they're giving me hell trying to break through my quitting attitude, every time they walk out "Want a cigarette?", I'm holding out though. Yeah I know, I'm the medical guy and supposed to know better and I do but knowing and doing are two different things. A couple of weeks ago I was stressing out and decided I needed to do some changes in my life. So I dropped the smoking habit and now trying to find ways to fill the time that I wasted smoking. The biggest problem I've found is that I miss smoking and reading. My daily staple, I've noticed that my reading has slowed down a bit, another habit that could use some trimming, yes there is such a thing as reading too much. At least my blogging has increased.

I've also fallen into the world of The Soprano', I'm not much of a TV watcher but this series has dug in like a bad herion habit, at least I'm not alone in this. The entire squadron can't stop watching it. All the shops are on a different DVD in the series, we finish one and pass it to the next shop and pick up the next DVD from the shop before us, as a unit we're going to be finished with the series in a week. It's actually a good deal for the entertainment offered for 65 bucks a pop, I'm letting somebody else pay for my fix this time though. If my unit ran with the innate organization that we're using in watching The Soprano's, our unit would be one smooth running machine. I hate the thought of thinking of my self as a slacker but we're about to start season four, so take it easy.

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