Saturday, March 12, 2005


Thanks Grayhawk for the launch! If your a regular follower of Milblogs, they you'll know that Grayhawk has the largest selection of the military bloggers out there and like Mom, he has a crystal ball that tells him what we're doing. Spooky! I'll be doing a post about the OIF 3 milbloggers in a couple of days.

My last few days have been spent redoing my fiance's blog template, I did this one but that was...well a year ago. I think I'm done for now or until she wants to add cool stuff that she sees on other peoples sites like sitemeters, music videos players or dancing monkeys. I'll figure it out. I still have no clue who came up with the original code for this clock thingee, the guy I borrowed it from had borrowed it from someone else and he in turn borrowed it from someone else before him. It's a mystery. Thanks mystery dude! My dad did a tweak (which by me reverse engineering his tweak) gave the knowledge to do it myself without it falling apart.

Any of you fresh new bloggers out there (or old ones that pay others to do their templates. has quite a bit of stuff, I wouldn't use one of their skins directly but if I see something I like, I'll read over that code to find out how it's done (Skin writers have their own version of the english language, don't bother trying to understand what they're trying to say in their descriptions). Blogspot uses a code called CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), styles define how to display HTML elements, HTML is the computer language standard that tells your computer what to display when you go to a web address. I've been taking an online classes for free at W3Schools . This place gives you some of the basics to follow while making up your own blog and web design in general. There's demo's that you can play with code on one half of the screen and it shows you what it does on the other, very neato! I've learned a lot over the last few days and it actually is showing me how much I still don't know. Working on it though. If you plan on getting serious about this or like playing with your blog. It's a good reference tool to have. Well have a nice day or night where ever you are at, I'm counting the days till I get home!

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