Monday, March 07, 2005

Army Times does Milblogs

Thanks for the blogger bomb Blackfive, got a couple hundred hits you're your place over the last couple of days, you’re quite the heavy hitter. The reason for him pinging me is because there is a spread in the March 15th edition of the Army Times about Milbloggers, mostly Army guys but they do mention a some Navy, Air Force and Marine blogs, I just happen to be one of the Navy blogs mentioned.

Welcome to my world new readers, over on my sidebar there, I have listed some great milbloggers and blogs of friends of mine (warning, I don't agree with everything they say but they are still my friends, be nice). I'm a middle of the road blogger, trying to look at the word in a fairly unbiased way. Mostly telling stories of my life as they occur and an occasional news story if I think it's important and not covered enough by the MSM (Main Stream Media). Everything you see here is seen through the lens of my eye and doesn’t always reflect the views of the military (mostly though).

This blog has become a world onto itself, there are links to and from all different points in the blogsphere, both left and right, foreign and domestic. Like most bloggers, if me, the author, likes what you say on your blog or how you put your argument, we’ll probably toss up a link (I'm a link whore and have tossed up links to all of my friends too). I like to view my place as a neutral ground. I've made many friends here that I will value for the rest of my life and most importantly, my future wife. I respect their points of view and in the same token, I use them as a springboard for my own crazy ideas. With such a mishmash of readers and commenters, my blog, like many others, offer a valuable way to get insight into the human condition. Why do we think this way? First time readers of blogs, there's a whole world out there to discover, enjoy your visit and come again.

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