Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Oh happy day, Doc and I are done with the PDHA's

Alright my last few posts have been sort of bitching posts about life in general, but in reality, I'm a happy camper and have no room to complain. I have many things to be thankful for, I'm engaged to one of the most wonderful people that I’ve ever met, she's beautiful and she's as crazy about me as I am for her. My new doc is a workaholic and we’re hitting it off well, I'm not afraid of hard work, get the job done and move on, he's good people. The medical space here is huge compared to what I got used to the last time I was out here and well stocked and taken care of. Yes I'm at work all the time but it's not too bad, have a nice sound system, TV, internet and a room to myself. I miss hanging out with my old battle buddy J but I'll get by. The room to myself is sort of default because I'm the only Corpsman here, well that’s not totally true, the advanced party corpsman is here but I don't have a bed to move into down the hill. It's nicer up here anyway. Now if only the water would come back on. Take care everyone!

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