Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Happy Birthday Mustang23's Mom and a few added Milbloggers

I've only had a brief glimpse into the life of Mustang23's Mom but anyone that would send her son Strawberry Shortcake Sheets is cool in my book. Today’s her birthday and we’re gathering up as many nice comments to pass her way as we can. So head on over and thank her for raising a fine son (and ask for more cookies too).

Sorry about the gap in posts. We're in the middle of a turn over with the new squadron. Know what that means? I'm going home really soon to be with my future bride! Sometime in the next few days I'll also be making a trip to see my old unit, making sure everyone is healthy and they're not beating up on my replacement, of course they (and their families) expect me to have my camera and post pictures.

Commenters from my OIF3 roundup have pointed out some other milblogs that I haven't included (or read) and I've stuck them in my side bar and included a brief write up for each:

A day in Iraq, Michael has a hilarious and somewhat true take of the blogsphere on his latest post. Worthy of anything you'll read today (hat tip AFSister, thanks!).

Sapper Sgt is getting ready to head this direction and his fiance who is out here right now Soldiergrrrl is probably going home. They're looking at tying the knot in the fall (thanks Gene).

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