Monday, March 28, 2005

Happy Belated Easter Everyone and that big button at the top of my sidebar

Happy belated Easter everyone, I have left Iraq and now in a holding pattern at an Army base in Kuwait. Arrived safe and sound with all of my fingers and toes. This is the first time that I’ve been able to hook my laptop up to the internet in 2 months and as normal there have been huge patches let out by Microsoft, Norton and assorted other programs. Next time you stop by here, I could be blogging from the States. Imagine that! Thank you all for your comments and support!

I know this is totally off the subjects of Milblogs and my trip to Iraq but you might have noticed the Breast Cancer Awareness button I've added to the top of my links, Tricia of WoodNotWood asked me to check out Greg's blog, California Hammonds. It’s a journal of his relationship with his wife that begins back in 1988 when he first laid eyes on her. Covers the next few years lightly, living behind an elevator shaft prior to their marriage, buying their first house, getting married, having kids, just a story of a regular happy family until Cheryl gets diagnosed with breast cancer in 99. From then I'll let you read, if you’re up to it (click on Chronology button and start from there, warning, will make blubber like a baby). It's one of the saddest stories that I've ever read. Tells of their journey together through her fight with breast cancer. The hopes, dreams, possible cures and treatments, grasping at straws, then finally acceptance. Their day to day life living with this beast hanging over them till everything is washed away and all he is left with is his daughters and grief. After reading it, I felt like someone had ran over my dog very slowly, it took me a couple of days to stop being paranoid about the subject. Part of the reason it hit me so hard is because his wife was in her early 30's and if you haven't picked it up by now, I'm utterly infatuated with my future bride and being a paranoid medical guy, hit me fairly hard. Reading of his life, makes me very thankful of what I have. How would I handled a situation like that? I have this problem of putting myself in someone else's shoes, probably comes from reading too much. I don't ever want to imagine myself in Greg's shoes ever again (nothing personal Greag), I'd take back to back trips to Iraq any day then have to live his life. Thanks Tricia for making me weepy at work. His wife passed away April first last year and he’s doing a comment drive on the first of April this year. You don't have to give money, just stop by to say hi, he’s a nice guy that really bad things have happened to. Proceeds go towards The National Breast Cancer Foundation, if I'm around an internet connection I'll be stopping by.

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